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Dumle Christmas Calendar 210g - Fazer.com

Dumle Christmas Calendar 210g

The Dumle advent calendar offers a choice of seven different Dumle Favorites that just wait behind the windows to delight you in December.

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Fazer Moomin Box - Fazer.com

Fazer Moomin Box

Candy Delivery for Someone Special! Who would you like to delight with a sweet deal of Fazer Moomin Box?This limited edition Fazer Moomin box includes Fazer Moomin candy and xylitol products shown ...

Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate 95 g - Fazer.com

Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate 95 g

The beautifully pink Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate combines the qualities of dark, milk and white chocolate with a mouthwatering berry flavour. This completely new and unique chocolate gets its distinc...

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Karl Fazer Christmas Calendar 175 g - Fazer.com

Karl Fazer Christmas Calendar 175 g

The high-quality Karl Fazer advent calendar is the chocolate lover’s choice. The calendar´s delightful wintery picture is from Helsinki, from the Kluuvikatu Christmas street in 1937.

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Fazer Green Jellies 500g

The Fazer Green Jellies are the prettiest pearls of every feast. The luxurious sweet taste of these jellies creates memories that do not fade away. Big boxes cater for big parties!

€5.89 €11.78/kg

The Fazer Story

The inspiring and emotional film tells about the Fazer story and summarizes what Fazer stands for. In the film, we see the key milestones of Fazer’s history but the film also highlights the meaning of themes like dreams, friendship and courage and it marks out the future of taste sensations.