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Fazer chocolate pralines bring a little bit of luxury to everyday life. Fazer chocolate pralines combine high-quality chocolate and delicious fillings and are about to increase the feeling of celebration. From the selection, you can find Fazer's most beloved wrapped pralines, chocolate selections, chocolate boxes, and luxurious handmade pralines. Order Fazer chocolate pralines from Fazer Store and give them as a gift, treat yourself or share with your loved ones!
Geisha 270 g box - Fazer Store EN

Geisha 270 g box

Summer Sale -40% off. Best before 24.11.2024. Get your loved ones together and take a moment to m...

Regular price €5.95 €3.60 €13.33/kg

Fazermint chocolates 270 g

Fazermint is an elegant and timeless mint chocolate. The luxurious, melt-in-the-mouth dark chocol...

€5.95 €22.04/kg

Fazer Festive 5 Gift Box 500 g

Fazer Fazer Festive 5 is a gift box where all Fazer´s most loved brands are all in a box, everybo...

€10.50 Temporarily sold out €21.00/kg
Temporarily sold out

Green Jellies Chocolates 320 g

When classic green jelly candies get a coating of dark Fazer chocolate, a new favourite is born t...

€5.90 Temporarily sold out €18.44/kg
Temporarily sold out

Karl Fazer Milk chocolate truffle 270g

Karl Fazer Milk chocolate Truffle pralines are a perfect combination of Fazer’s milk chocolate an...

€5.95 Temporarily sold out €22.04/kg
Temporarily sold out

Geisha Heart Shaped Box 225 g

Please note, that the Geisha box has 5 different visuals: Geisha, Love you, Thank you, With love ...

€9.50 €42.22/kg

Pätkis 320 g chocolates

Despite its small size, Pätkis has been a firm favourite in Finland since 1978. This popular choc...

€5.90 €18.44/kg
Fazer Festive 5, 500 g Spring edition - Fazer Store

Fazer Festive 5, 500 g Spring edition

Summer Sale -40%. Best before 29.11.2024 Fazer Festive 5 is a festive mixture of five much-loved ...

Regular price €9.90 €5.95 Temporarily sold out €11.90/kg
Temporarily sold out

Dumle Mix 350g

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up. This delicious sweet of soft chewy toffee and ...

€5.90 €16.86/kg

Karl Fazer Heart 225g

Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed by using only t...

€7.95 €35.33/kg
Marianne Mix 320 g - Fazer Store

Marianne Mix 320 g

Summer Sale -50% off. The fresh and crunchy peppermint shell of Marianne sweets hides generous an...

Regular price €5.90 €2.95 Temporarily sold out €9.22/kg
Temporarily sold out

Julia Chocolate Pralines 3 kg

The velvety elegance of the chocolates will charm you and your guests. Julia, an exquisite combin...

€49.90 €16.63/kg