Sugar free pastilles

Here you can find Fazer's sugar free candy and xylitol pastille boxes.

Beloved Marianne Toffee, Tyrkisk Peber and Tutti Frutti are now available as sugar-free pastilles! Sugar free pastille is candy-like and sweet. They are sweetened with Fazer's own xylitol from oat hulls that is made as a result of circular economy. Made with natural colors, gelatin-free and suitable for vegans. 

Xylitol pastilles are sweetened with xylitol and do not contain gelatine. Family-sized xylitol pastille packages can be found here


Xylimax Wild Apple 38g full Xylitol pastille

Sold in the Fazer Novelty Box Summer 2022 Finnish Xylimax full xylitol pastilles bring freshness to your life. Xylimax Wild Apple is sweetened with xylitol, which is proven to be good for your teet...

€36.60 Sold Out / 20 pcs €48.16/kg
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Xylimax Peppermint full xylitol pastilles 38 g

Finnish Xylimax PRO full-xylitol pastilles bring freshness to your life. Xylimax PRO Peppermint is a fully xylitol-sweetened, fresh peppermint-flavoured round pastille. The pastilles come in a hand...

€36.60 / 20 pcs €48.16/kg