Valentine's Day gifts

Here you'll find Fazer Store’s sweetest Valentine’s Day products. 💝 

From Fazer Store, you can find Valentine's Day products for him and her and anyone you want to surprise with a gift! Among the chocolates, you can find a versatile selection of our delicious chocolate pralines and luxurious handmade pralines for a more elegant taste.


Geisha x LUMENE box

The Geisha x LUMENE box combines beloved Geisha chocolates and popular Lumene cosmetics! Back in...


Geisha Heart Shaped Box 225 g

Please note, that the Geisha box has 5 different visuals: Geisha, Love you, Thank you, With love ...

€9.50 €42.22/kg

Karl Fazer Heart 225g

Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed by using only t...

€7.95 €35.33/kg
Geisha 270 g box - Fazer Store EN

Geisha 270 g box

Summer Sale -40% off. Best before 24.11.2024. Get your loved ones together and take a moment to m...

Regular price €5.95 €3.60 €13.33/kg

Karl Fazer Milk chocolate truffle 270g

Karl Fazer Milk chocolate Truffle pralines are a perfect combination of Fazer’s milk chocolate an...

€5.95 Temporarily sold out €22.04/kg
Temporarily sold out

Classics Box

Fazer Classics Box brings together Fazer's all-time favorite candy and chocolate products! The bo...


Geisha Crunchy 50 g

Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around two different hazelnut nougat fillings and crunchy rice cris...

€30.00 / 20 pcs €30.00/kg
Geisha chocolates in tinbox 158 g - Fazer Store

Geisha chocolates in tinbox 158 g

Summer Sale -35%. Best before 18.11.2024 This beautiful heart-shaped tin makes for an elegant gif...

Regular price €12.50 €8.15 €51.58/kg

Fazer Coffee Box Dark

Fazer Coffee Box Dark combines mouth-watering chocolates and dark roast coffee for a perfect coff...