Is it safe to order from the online Fazer Store?

We are all concerned about the coronavirus and its effects on our lives. The crisis raises a number of questions. Here, we have put together information issued by the authorities and our partners on how the coronavirus is affecting our online store deliveries, and the measures we have taken to address this.

Fazer Store packages are delivered by Posti and DHL. Our online Store packing is done in Fazer’s Karkkila location, excluding personalised Fazer Blue bars, which are packaged at our partner’s warehouse in Inkeroinen.

Can you be infected with coronavirus via packages?

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare says the following about contracting the coronavirus COVID-19 from surfaces:

“The new coronavirus is primarily transmitted as a droplet and contact infection when a person coughs or sneezes. According to our current understanding, surfaces do not play a significant role in the spread of the virus.

Even if advanced laboratory methods can detect the virus on surfaces, this does not mean that it is transmitted easily via surfaces. Regular cleaning agents are effective against the coronavirus.”

According to the Finnish Food Authority’s current understanding, the coronavirus is not transmitted via foods.

Posti and DHL deliveries

Fazer’s online Store packages are delivered by Posti and DHL. Our online Store offers different delivery options: by mailbox, parcel locker and front door. Personalised Fazer Blue chocolate bars are delivered directly to the recipient’s mailbox.

Posti follows the authorities’ instructions in its deliveries. At the moment, Posti deliveries are made as follows:

  • Unlike previously, the package is not handed over to the recipient, but the courier rings the doorbell and places the package in front of the door.
  • The courier steps back a few metres and waits until the customer picks up the package.
  • Posti will not ask the recipient to sign for the package; the courier will record delivery of the package in the Posti system.
  • Any cash-on-delivery items will be sent to a Posti service point to be picked up by the customer.
  • Posti’s service or pickup point staff will not touch any personal items — such as ID cards or mobile phones — presented by customers when items are being picked up.
  • Staff at service points operated by Posti’s partners will follow the service provider’s guidelines (in case they are more detailed than those issued by Posti).

DHL will also follow instructions by the WHO and Finnish authorities on the prevention of coronavirus infections.

Fazer Store’s packaging and shipping

Naturally, at our online Store’s dispatch department we have taken account of the coronavirus situation, and have introduced preventative measures. We have increased the frequency of disinfection procedures, are ensuring that people only come to work when healthy, and are looking after each other. As always, packages are handled carefully, wearing gloves, and we have instructed our staff to pay particular attention to hand hygiene. All visits to our production facilities are forbidden.

We are constantly monitoring the situation, making any necessary changes to our operations and keeping our customers and staff apprised of any developments. We will closely monitor any instructions issued by the authorities in the countries in which we operate. Our staff are being provided with up-to-date information about any changes in operating practices.

Addition information about Fazer Store’s deliveries

We deliver goods to continental Finland, the EU and the UK. Delivery takes an estimated 2–5 days unless otherwise stated. The delivery methods and periods to destinations outside Finland vary from country to country. Shipping costs are added to the order price in the Store checkout before payment. We do not deliver to the Canary Islands or Åland Islands. You will receive confirmation by email once your package has left our warehouse. This will include a link for tracking your delivery.

Thank you for reading this article. Let’s stay safe and look after each other.

Best regards, Fazer Store st