Service Instructions of Design Chocolate Tablet

Feeling stuck? No worries, here’s a quick guide on how to design and order a chocolate bar with your writing on the wrapper.

Design out tablet

  1. Write a greeting of your choice on the front side.
  2. Add a short message on the back, and sign at the end.
  3. Add recipient details.

  • Move between the front and back side of the bar with front and back key
  • Front side message can be max 16 characters
  • Message on the back can be max 300 characters, with max three newlines.
  • Signature can be max 30 characters
  • Be nice. Inappropriate designs will not be printed out.
  • The shuffle button opens a text generator to help you with the design, check it out!

Recipient details

Fill out the recipient’s information and choose the amount of tablets, in case you wish to send more than one. Each chocolate tablet will be delivered separately.

Payment of the order

Proceed to checkout to finalize the order. Other items can be added to cart as well. Design tablet will be delivered separately from the other products, to the address filled in on the service. Other products will be delivered to the address filled in at the checkout.