Terms and Conditions of Fazer Store Gift Cards

Terms and Conditions of Fazer Store Gift Cards

Fazer Store’s gift card is the sweetest electronic gift there is, and can be conveniently emailed to the recipient.

Gift cards are available for 15, 25, 50 and 100 euros.
The gift card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and can be used as a payment method in Fazer Store's online store.

The gift card can only be used in the Fazer Store online store in which the card was purchased (at sub-addresses: fi.fazer.com, en.fazer.com or se.fazer.com). The gift cards cannot be used in other Fazer’s stores or Fazer Cafes.

Once the gift card has been paid, it will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer. If the Customer purchases gift cards only, no shipping costs will be charged.

The gift card is a valuable document that must be stored carefully. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash and if lost or stolen, the card will not be replaced. The gift card cannot be reloaded.

No discount/benefit codes can be used to purchase a gift card.
More than one gift card can be used as payment for an order. The gift card cannot be used as payment for another gift card.

If the gift card is handed over to another person, it is the Customer's responsibility to provide information on the terms of use related to the gift card.

The value of the gift card will be deducted from the total amount of the order, and the gift card will be debited at the time of payment. If the gift card’s value is higher than the value of the order, the final balance will remain available for later purchases. If the value of the order is higher than the value of the gift card, the difference remains to be paid by the Customer.

You can check the valid balance and period of validity of the gift card at Fazer's customer service or via a link in the email.

In accordance with the regulations on distance selling, you can cancel the order of gift cards purchased from the online store within 14 business days, in accordance with our cancellation instructions.


Fazer Store Terms and Conditions can be found here.