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Here you can find our latest novelty products like delicious Pätkis Oat drink, Dumle granola and Fazerina cookie mix. Have a look at our new Fazer fan products too! 

Order now as a gift for yourself or surprise a friend with the sweetest gift from Fazer Store.  

Dumle granola 375 g - Fazer Store

Dumle granola 375 g

The beloved taste of Dumle combined with oat granola. Crispy toasted whole grain oats and toffee coated with milk chocolate. Rich in fiber.

€6.80 €18.13/kg
Dumle Box - Fazer Store

Dumle Box

Dumle friend's favorite candy box! This Dumle box contains both familiar treats over the years and summer 2022 novelties. Buy as a gift for a Dumle fan or take it for a picnic. The box contains fol...

Dumle Seasonal Strawberry 120 g - Fazer Store

Dumle Seasonal Strawberry 120 g

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up. This delicious sweet of soft chewy toffee and smooth Fazer chocolate now available in smooth strawberry flavor. Great for when you need energy in ...

€1.95 €16.25/kg
Fasupala Dumle 199g - Fazer Store

Fasupala Dumle 199g

Fasupala is Finland’s favourite chocolate waffle. Fasupala Dumle brings together melt-in-the-mouth Fazer chocolate and the delicious taste of Dumle – a combination to make your mouth water! The del...

€3.20 €16.08/kg
Fazer Party Box 2,35kg - Fazer Store

Fazer Party Box 2,35kg

Fazer Party Box contains over 2 kilos of favourite treats for both everyday indulgence and special occasions. Perfect for sharing with friends and family! The box contains following sweets: Tutti F...

Regular price €25.90 €20.70 €8.81/kg
Dumle backpack - Fazer Store

Dumle backpack

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up! This backpack holds everything you need for the summer adventures.  Check out the other summerlike Fazer products here!