Geisha Caramel & Sea salt 121 g

Geisha inspires us to take a relaxing pause with a perfectly balanced chocolate. Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around hazelnut nougat filling with salted caramel crunch. This wonderful chocolate ta...

€2.90 €23.97/kg

Karl Fazer Suffeli milk chocolate 198 g

Made from fresh milk, Karl Fazer Suffeli rice puffs chocolate bar is filled with delicious, crispy rice puffs—a combination that is bound to delight. Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. It’s...

€3.60 €18.18/kg

Pantteri Puuma dragees 38 g

Pantteri (Panther) is a salty-sweet liquorice that will bring out your feline side. Within the crispy coating of Pantteri Puuma, lies a fierce salty liquorice dragée. The pocket-sized packet is han...

€25.70 / 20 pcs €33.82/kg