Vegan products

Do the natural! Here are our super delicious vegan sweets, a wide range of candy, biscuit, chocolate and snacks. When in doubt, do the natural!

Dumle Oat Drink 1L

Dumle Oat Drink is a rich delicacy drink that combines the chocolate and toffee flavours of Dumle with Nordic oats. This vegan and dairy-free drink is produced in Finland. New recipe! Dumle Oat dri...

€3.25 €3.06/kg

Dumle candy stick 20g

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up. Delicious chocolate and toffee tasting candy stick that is perfect for a small treat or snack. Made with natural colors ang gelatin-free.

€9.30 / 30 pcs €15.50/kg