Vegan products

Do the natural! Here are our super delicious vegan sweets, a wide range of candy, biscuit, chocolate and snacks. When in doubt, do the natural!

Marianne peppermint candies 220 g

Marianne candy - fresh and crispy peppermint and delicious dark chocolate filling. With its red and white striped wrapper, Marianne is instantly recognisable!

€3.15 €14.32/kg

Marianne Peppermint Candies 2.5 kg

The crispy peppermint crust and rich chocolate filling of Marianne sweets have stolen a piece of every Finn's heart. The red and white classic is also available in the pick & mix section of you...

€34.80 €13.92/kg

Marianne Toffee sugar free pastilles 40g box

Sugar free candy pastilles that have a soft and chewy inside and crunchy crust. Marianne Toffee tasting pastille is sweetened with xylitol. Made with natural colours, gelatin free and suitable for ...

€31.00 / 20 pcs €38.75/kg