Alennukseen oikeuttavat tuotteet (lahjakortit rajattu pois)

Tämä collection sisältää kaikki muut tuotteet paitsi Fazer Café lahjakortit (tuotteet, joiden nimeämiseen on käytetty tekstiä Fazer Café)

Collectionia käytetään alennuskoodien kohdentamiseen, sillä saadaan poissuljettua fyysiset lahjakorttituotteet alennuksen piiristä. 

Wiener nougat 210g almond pralines

Wiener nougat is an elegant classic that has been a firm favourite since its creation in 1904. Inside its elegant silver wrapper, you will find soft, melt-in-the-mouth almond nougat. Best of all, W...

€7.20 €34.29/kg

Fazermint chocolates 270 g

Fazermint is an elegant and timeless mint chocolate. The luxurious, melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate conceals a delicious filling with genuine peppermint oil, bringing a touch of the extraordinary ...

€5.50 €20.37/kg

Tutti Frutti Sour 180 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti candies with a sour coating, Tutti Frutti Sour will tickle your taste buds with raspberry, pear, lemon and more – with a sour twist. Psst! Tutti Frutti Sou...

€2.40 €13.33/kg

Tyrkisk Peber Hot & Sour 150 g

Tyrkisk Peber is a salty liquorice classic with a peppery kick, and it’s been a big hit ever since its launch in 1977. Tyrkisk Peber Hot & Sour sweets are a fruity surprise, even for lovers of ...

€2.50 €16.67/kg

Karl Fazer Domino milk chocolate 195 g

 Sold also in Karl Fazer Box. Chocolate made with fresh milk coats a crispy, cocoa-flavored biscuit and soft vanilla crumbs. Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is g...

Karl Fazer 47 % Dark Chocolate 200 g

Soft Karl Fazer dark chocolate is full of the rich, mouth-watering flavor of cocoa, turning any moment into a celebration. All Karl Fazer chocolates are made from the finest Arriba cocoa with super...

€3.75 €18.75/kg

Karl Fazer Raisin & hazelnuts in milk chocolate 200 g

Karl Fazer's soft milk chocolate made with fresh milk, crunchy nuts and sweet raisins are a classic combination that keeps on winning friends. Fazer has been Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 19...

€3.75 €18.75/kg

Fazer Moomin biscuit 175 g

The small and crunchy Moomin biscuits are a treat the whole family can share. These soft-flavoured, Finnish-made biscuits are suitable for vegans, too. Fun Moomin biscuits are a delight as a gift, ...

€3.10 €17.71/kg

Tutti Frutti Rings 180 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Three delicious fruity flavors in one bag: Tutti Frutti Rings brings exotic kiwi and melon, tasty apple and strawberry, and lovely licorice. These round, flat rings jus...

€2.40 €13.33/kg

Karl Fazer Raspberry yoghurt 270 g

Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. In the Karl Fazer Raspberry Yoghurt praline, soft milk chocolate covers a ...

€5.50 €20.37/kg

Karl Fazer Milk & White chocolate 270g

SOLD OUT, AVAILABLE AGAIN IN FALL Finland’s most loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed using only the best ingredients. A delicious combination of milk chocolate made w...

Finlandia marmalade 260g

Finlandia is a delightful Finnish marmalade candy with a hundred years of history. There are five fresh flavours in a box of Finlandia: apricot, blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry and pear. Finlandia ...

€4.50 €17.31/kg

Fazerina 121 g

Fazerina filled chocolate is a true classic, charming its way into people’s hearts ever since 1953. The orange truffle filling combined with exquisite milk chocolate will take you on a tasty trip d...

€2.80 €23.14/kg

Oululainen Dark Crispbread 215 g

Dark crispbreads have a dark and slightly sweet taste profile. They are delicious with cold-smoked salmon, for example, or with cheeses. Thanks to their nutritional content, they also make a great,...

€2.30 €10.70/kg

Fazer Festive 5 Gift Box 500 g

Fazer Fazer Festive 5 is a gift box where all Fazer´s most loved brands are all in a box, everybody can found their favorite.  

€10.50 €21.00/kg

Fazer Pure Dark 70 % cocoa chocolate 95 g

Containing 70 % cocoa, Pure Dark is smooth, rich and pure dark chocolate. It is made in Finland, from carefully selected cocoa beans, in the tradition of Fazer. Check out the selection of delicious...

€3.65 €38.42/kg

Tutti Frutti Mix natural 325 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti Mix is a classic among candy mixes! This party bag has all the classic Tutti Frutti fruit-flavored candies happily mixed up with regular and salty licorice...

€3.40 €10.46/kg

Fazer Green Jellies 500g

The Fazer Green Jellies are the prettiest pearls of every feast. The luxurious sweet taste of these jellies creates memories that do not fade away. Big boxes cater for big parties!

€6.95 €13.90/kg

Mignon 52 g 4-pack

The Mignon egg – Fazer’s unique classic created in 1896 – is the jewel in the Easter crown. This exquisite treat is composed of a mouthwatering almond-hazelnut nougat hand-poured into a real eggshe...

€9.60 €46.15/kg

Green Jellies Chocolates 320 g

When classic green jelly candies get a coating of dark Fazer chocolate, a new favourite is born that everyone will want to taste. These irresistible Fazer Green Jelly chocolates have an enchanting ...

€5.90 €18.44/kg
Karl Fazer Cinnamon bun chocolate tablet 185g - Fazer Store

Karl Fazer Cinnamon bun chocolate tablet 185g

SALE 30% OFF!  Best before 9.8.2024. Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. The Karl Fazer Cinnamon Bun chocolate...

Regular price €3.75 €2.50 €13.51/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Factory Mix 220 g

Our Lappeenranta sweet factory creates many delights for liquorice lovers, including sweet and salty liquorice as well as filled and unfilled liquorice. A by-product of the production process is li...

€2.40 €10.91/kg

Fazer Cinnamon Rolls 240 g

The strike by the Food Workers' Union of Finland may affect the delivery times of orders containing this product on February 14-15. Fazer Cinnamon Rolls have a wonderfully soft texture and an encha...

€2.70 €11.25/kg