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Tämä collection sisältää kaikki muut tuotteet paitsi Fazer Café lahjakortit (tuotteet, joiden nimeämiseen on käytetty tekstiä Fazer Café)

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Geisha Caramel & Sea Salt 270g - Fazer Store

Geisha Caramel & Sea Salt 270g

SOLD OUT, AVAILABLE AGAIN IN FALL Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around hazelnut nougat filling with salted caramel crunch. A soft yet crispy filling is waiting beneath the milk chocolate coating of...

Fazer Pure Dark 70 % cocoa - Twist of Mint 95 g - Fazer Store EN

Fazer Pure Dark 70 % cocoa - Twist of Mint 95 g

Sale 40% off! Pure Dark Twist of Mint is made from the finest dark chocolate, from carefully selected cocoa beans, in the tradition of Fazer. This favourite has a smooth and consistent structure an...

Regular price €3.65 €2.15 €22.63/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Original 20g

The soft Fazer liquorice stick, whose delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from 1928. A classic taste for the friends of liquorice.

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Remix +choco assorted sweets 325 g

A delicious mix of different kinds of chocolate, fruit and salty liquorice sweets. A varied bag of sweets, where you can find the best sweet for every taste.

€3.40 €10.46/kg

Karl Fazer Suffeli milk chocolate 198 g

Made from fresh milk, Karl Fazer Suffeli rice puffs chocolate bar is filled with delicious, crispy rice puffs—a combination that is bound to delight. Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. It’s...

€3.75 €18.94/kg
Fazer Gingerbreads 175 g - Fazer Store

Fazer Gingerbreads 175 g

SALE 40% OFF!  Small and tasty, this gingerbread has just the right amount of Christmas spice—just the thing for Christmas parties. These small gingerbread biscuits are just the right size for serv...

Regular price €2.40 €1.45 €8.29/kg

Fazer Green Jellies 260g

Fazer’s Green Jellies are an irresistible jelly classic. Luxuriously soft and smooth, Green Jellies have a wonderful pear flavour. Green Jellies do not contain gluten, gelatine or lactose and are v...

€4.50 €17.31/kg

American dragee 175g

American Pastilles are a beloved chocolate classic with a crispy coating and rich milk chocolate filling for a perfect journey back in time. The three deliciously shiny colors of American Pastilles...

€3.60 €20.57/kg

Marianne Toffee 220 g peppermint candies

The blue and white sister of the traditional Marianne sweet. The crispy peppermint crust reveals a soft caramel filling. Have a private Marianne moment or share the bag with friends!

€3.90 €17.73/kg

Karl Fazer Milk chocolate truffle 270g

Karl Fazer Milk chocolate Truffle pralines are a perfect combination of Fazer’s milk chocolate and a soft truffle filling. All Fazer’s delicious chocolates are made from 100 % responsibly produced ...

€5.50 €20.37/kg

Karl Fazer Dark 47 % cocoa 270 g

All Karl Fazer chocolates are made from the finest Arriba cocoa with superb craftsmanship. These pralines, made from Karl Fazer‘s 47 % dark chocolate, have the soft, irresistible flavor of cocoa. A...

€5.50 €20.37/kg

Fazer Doris Truffle 250 g

Fazer Doris is the classic biscuit for special occasions, which will conquer new hearts. The secret of the popularity Fazer Doris biscuits is in their delightful combination of soft truffle filling...

€4.20 €16.80/kg

Karl Fazer White & Milk chocolate 131 g

A smooth combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate that melts in the mouth. The very best milk and white chocolate in two layers. Best of all, Fazer’s delicious chocolates are made from 100...

€2.80 €21.37/kg

Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate 39 g

The Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate countline is a classic. Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate is perfect for every occasion - with coffee or when you just crave a pick-me-up. Check out the selection of delicious...

€30.00 / 35 pcs €21.98/kg

Xylimax Peppermint full xylitol chewing gum 80 g

Finnish Xylimax full-xylitol chewing gums bring freshness to your life. Xylimax Peppermint is a classic chewing gum flavor tasting pleasantly of peppermint. It is sweetened with xylitol only, which...

€2.80 €35.00/kg

Tutti Frutti +Choco 300 g sweets

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti Choco combines delicious fruit-flavored candies, pieces of salted licorice and delicious chocolate into a delicious fruity assortment. Tutti Fruttis, made ...

€3.40 €11.33/kg

Karl Fazer Raspberry & Liquorice milk chocolate 200 g

Finland’s best-loved chocolate, whose unique and mellow taste has been guaranteed ever since its launch in 1922 by using only the very best ingredients. Made from fresh milk, this milk chocolate cl...

€3.75 €18.75/kg
Fazer Gingerbread with chocolate 175 g - Fazer Store

Fazer Gingerbread with chocolate 175g

SOLD OUT, AVAILBALE AGAIN IN FALL Coated with genuine Fazer milk chocolate, these small and tasty gingerbread biscuits have just the right amount of Christmas spice—just the thing for Christmas pa...

Pätkis Chocolate Biscuits 142 g

Pätkis chocolate biscuits are a truly inviting treat. The Fazer milk chocolate coating hides a silky-smooth Pätkis mint truffle filling. The biscuit is made from 100 % responsibly produced cocoa. ...

€4.10 €28.87/kg

Domino Marianne 350 g

Domino has remained Finland’s best-loved biscuit ever since its launch in 1953. Domino Marianne biscuits are a marriage of two genuine classics: deliciously dark Domino cocoa biscuit and a refreshi...

€4.55 €13.00/kg

Pätkis 121 g

Despite its small size, Pätkis has been a firm favourite in Finland since 1978. This popular chocolate-coated mint truffle is loved by all the family – in chocolate bar form, too. You will be delig...

€2.80 €23.14/kg

Geisha Heart Shaped Box 225 g

Please note, that the Geisha box has 5 different visuals: Geisha, Love you, Thank you, With love OR With hugs. The visual cannot be chosen when ordering online. Give yourself a present; give yourse...

€9.50 €42.22/kg

Karl Fazer Avec 200 g

Karl Fazer Avec includes classic mint lentils combined with premium milk chocolate made from fresh milk. Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. It’s unique and smooth taste is guaranteed by usi...

€3.75 €18.75/kg

Pihlaja 220 g

Also known as Fox candy, the fruity Pihlaja marmalade is Fazer’s longest-selling product. The soft and sweet marmalade is complemented by a crunchy sugar coating. Enjoy by yourself or share with yo...

€3.90 €17.73/kg